29th - 31st May 2020 



Secretary General
Yiğit Türközü


Deputy Secretary General
Selena Yedikardeş


Director General 
Zeynep Ece Yazıcı


Deputy Director General 
Ece Kaya

Head of Press
Alara Menemenlioğlu
Head of Admin
Ceyda Özakdağ
Head of Staff
 Ada Baltalarlı
Associated Heads of Public Relations
Kıvanç Alkut-Ata Uysal
Academic Assistants
Ece Emirhan
Academic Assistants
Ece Türk


About JMUN


JMUN is one of the most renowned extracurricular activities for middle schoolers. In a nutshell, it is a simulation of the United Nations. By taking part in it, students develop a number of 21st Century skills like critical thinking, decision-taking, creativity, communication and collaboration. They learn about the current world issues and raise their citizenship awareness. 



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