Dear Advisor,

Due to the  global pandemic declared by WHO and recent restrictions that have been made  by the Ministry of Education stemming from the outbreak of COVID-19 virus in Turkey, we regret to inform you that our IGJMUN  conference will not be taking place this year . As IGJMUN team, we have been very disappointed by the course of events.We had  been working very hard to make the conference take place in perfection within the given time to make all participants experience this amazing event to its fullest.

However, we would like to remind you that for us this is not a complete cancellation but adjourning the conference until the first term of the following academic year. We are still planning to host the conference under  the name IGJMUN 2020.However we won’t be able to  give you a  specific date for it is not certain for the time being.

Once again, we are profusely sorry and disappointed that the event we have been working so diligently on won’t be taking place in the estimated time yet  we are still hopefully and excitedly expecting to see you all in the next year’s IGJMUN event.

Kind regards,


About JMUN


JMUN is one of the most renowned extracurricular activities for middle schoolers. In a nutshell, it is a simulation of the United Nations. By taking part in it, students develop a number of 21st Century skills like critical thinking, decision-taking, creativity, communication and collaboration. They learn about the current world issues and raise their citizenship awareness. 



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